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Thug Child


There is a lot of hidden greatness in our communities, our families, inside of you.  We strive to teach the personal development tools necessary for you to uncover the greatness you know is within.


Thug Child Consulting, LLC aims to:​

  • Disrupt your comfort zone, to unveil your greatness

  • Neither motivate nor inspire, but to transform, so that even on your worst day, you will make new choices.

  • Teach that any problem in our lives has to 1st be solved within us.

Core Beliefs of Thug Child:

  1. Inside each of us, there is a wounded child that needs to be attended to.

  2. Each of us has a barrier (Thug) we put up to protect the child inside; Some barriers just look prettier (more socially accepted) than others.

  3. Self-love is an on-going process that requires daily active participation

  4. We are all royalty, we become distressed when our current behaviors don’t align with the King/Queen we know is inside.




Things to Know

Dr. Nate rejoices in the fact that even though he was diagnosed with a learning disability, faced with early academic struggles, and did frequent trips to the principal’s office, he was able to learn from those hurdles and smiled as he raced across the finish line of his childhood dream of having the title of doctor.

Dr. Nate prides himself most on his ability to listen.  He hears those who feel as though their voice has been ignored, smothered, or misunderstood.  He bridges the gap between generations and between various walks of life, so that all can better hear each other.  He uses his voice of conviction to inspire those who are silenced, to stand-up loud in their truth.

Favorite Speaking Topics

Thug Child

Thug Life



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